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Welcome to G-FORCE Field Hockey (GF)… New Jersey’s Elite Field Hockey Academy.   

Our elite coaching staff has proven to be leaders in teaching the game of field hockey for the entire tri-state area: NJ, NY, and CT.  

The Director of the Field Hockey Academy is Leroy Mayers.  His desire to teach the correct techniques and skills to each player is surpassed only by his desire to elevate hockey standards in the tri-state area to a new level.  One of our main aims is to enable players to become students of this wonderful sport of Field Hockey.


The innovative training programs that G-FORCE offers embody the club’s core values: hard work, determination and teamwork.  Our elite field hockey programs, are grounded in integrity, and promotes character and high-level skill development.  We believe that wholesome competition is a powerful teacher in achieving field hockey excellence.  Our elite field hockey academy is structured to enrich the basic sound fundamentals, while elevating players to become elite performers.   Our goal is to enable players to build a foundation of solid skills.  We take great pride in making champions on and off the pitch, as players become students of the wonderful game.  The stars of tomorrow, become G-FORCers today.

G-FORCE is committed to teaching players how to nurture the physical and mental challenges that a team context presents them.   We encourage our athletes to embrace the opportunity to develop leadership skills, self–confidence and a commitment to others that will ultimately inspire them to lead productive and active lives.

Our professional coaching staff has the needed experience with all levels of players.  Though we put an emphasis on intense and rigorous training, we never forget that this wonderful sport of field hockey is played because it’s fun.   

G-FORCE… Committed to Field Hockey Excellence!